“Life is a heart inspired journey and there is no one better than HeartMath® Coach Susan J.Caron to guide us through. With Susan’s compassion, knowledge, and guidance through HeartMath® techniques I was able to discover my heart’s core values and how those core values would allow me to pave new pathways towards a heart centered life.

The lessons learned have been a true Godsend for me personally. I have discovered a lot about myself as a person during Susan’s coaching sessions and that we each have the power within us to reach our true, authentic, heart directed self.

Thank you Susan and HeartMath®.

I am so truly grateful!”

— Mary, Somerset, MA


The experience I had with Susan is beyond words. I have struggled for as long as I can remember with anxiety, at least 10 years with depression, and I have tried pills, meditation, hypnosis, therapy, exercise, reading, praying. I always felt like I “couldn’t get out of my head.” In four sessions with Sue I have been able to accurately acknowledge the difference between “thinking” my way out of frustration and instead becoming heart-focused as a wait to focus on appreciation and love. It is an amazing relief, a breath of fresh air, a freeing sensation!! I am forever grateful for this experience and the ability to better manage my own health without any harmful medications. I am a more loving, generous, and peaceful woman because of Sue’s coaching with HeartMath! Thank you Sue!!

— Sarah, Massachusetts


HeartMath has given me the tools I need to make meaningful changes in my life. As a coach, Sue took an interest in me and we formed a bond that will last long beyond our sessions. I am grateful to have learned techniques that I can easily practice every day, as well as carry with me through the rest of my life. I walk away knowing that I have a choice on how I respond to my surroundings. It is possible to stay true to my best self, control my stress levels and greatly improve my general well being. I can achieve anything with a calm soul and a positive mind.

— Katelyn, Worcester, MA