Quieting the Mind-Experiencing Alpha State

Meditation is both an ancient art and a modern day skill. The essence of meditation is to quiet and focus the mind.  Whatever we think about influences how we feel and we use this connection as the method of creating positive feelings in meditation. The tool of meditation is used as a modality of directing the mind so that a peaceful and positive state of awareness results.

The meditation I share with clients quiets the mind to enhance full integration of left and right brain hemisphere function.  The ability to utilize your entire mind provides the client with increased intuition, decreases stress, increases creative problem solving techniques, provides a sense of well being, and a profound sense of peace.  Our thoughts become our reality so it is imperative that we choose our thoughts to manifest what we desire.  This powerful technique can assist you in rewiring your thoughts and ultimately you.  This technique partners well with the HeartMath® techniques and tools and provides clients with added bonus for self-discovery.

Key Points

  • We all have a divine life purpose; this technique allows us to tap into our true self
  • Reminds/returns us to our true nature (spirit/soul)
  • Find the calm in the chaos
  • Foster and build resiliency
  • Activate the right hemisphere of our brain and empower us to utilize more of our minds
  • Conscious control over left brain (ego)
  • Reminds us of our interconnectedness
  • Allows us to slow our brain frequency—minimizing the mind chatter

Clients are provided with information regarding scale of brain evolution- Beta, Alpha, Delta and Theta brain frequency and the step-by-step process to enter into Alpha State.  This dynamic meditation affords the client the ability to relax actively, placing conscious control of the deep levels of their mind. 

Our bodies are equipped with a self-healing mechanism.  We interfere with this natural process by reacting to events/experiences with worry and stress.  We can change this by responding to external events with relaxed responses. 

Benefits include:

  • Stress management
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Improved immune function
  • Enhanced intuition, creativity and awareness
  • Enhance problem solving ability
  • Prevent insomnia
  • Increased learning-study with greater concentration and recall
  • Pain management
  • Promote hormonal and nervous system balance

The meditation session (usually 1 hour) will focus on specifics exercises for the client including but not limited to:

  • Creating ideal place of relaxation (“sacred space”)
  • Meditation specific for body connection
  • Meditation specific for soul/spirit connection
  • Meditation for managing stress
  • Create specific meditation for client’s needs


Meditation (1 hour) – $100.00