About Susan J. Caron

Susan J. Caron, BA, RN-BC, CAPA, CPAN, CC

Registered Nurse/Licensed HeartMath® Coach/ Intuitive shares her wisdom and expertise with her clients utilizing practical and easy tools to create positive change in their personal and professional lives, focusing on stress management, intuitive leadership, decision-making, health enhancement, authentic communication, creating authentic relationships, and peak performance.

I swiftly guide my clients through a journey of self-discovery, opening a pathway of possibilities, for all who I serve. The solutions and strategies created with my clients serve as a foundational building block for life management. 

My expert clinical knowledge of the human body, physiology of stress, health and dis-ease, and extensive holistic background including Reiki, Meditation, and Intuitive Body Language enhance my ability to assist clients in achieving their goals and truly separates me from other coaches.  Additional education includes certifications including Medical/Surgical, Ambulatory Care and Post-Anesthesia Care.  I am Caritas Coach, denoting my expertise in the Theory of Human Caring, enhancing my understanding of caring science and the power of heart intelligence.  I am presently a candidate for a Masters of Science in Holistic Health.

My goal is to unlock my client’s best version of himself or herself and create certainty of purpose in their lives.  Each client possesses unique talents and gifts that are often hidden because of life’s stresses and challenges.  Working together, I co-create resilience and strategies with my clients to guide them through the chaos, into the calm of life.  Our coach/client relationship results in clients creating the ability of tapping into their own intuitive intelligence, natural talent and gifts, resulting in positive change in their lives.