Core Values



Is your life aligned with what matters most to you? Have you considered what are your core values? Is your personal and professional life providing you with a sense of fulfillment and purpose? These are important questions to reflect on.

The word core, the route is Coeur-meaning heart. Traditionally, people describe their own “story” from a whole-hearted perspective.   Consistently living and acting from our hearts, experiencing heart-felt emotions, not only serve us, but also allow our hearts to come alive. Identifying what we value and acting upon this creates the alignment for you to create your certainty of purpose and live a life grounded with your core values.


Core values are:

  • Unique expression of you (your divine nature)
  • Give meaning to life
  • Create sense of well-being
  • Heart-centered living

Take a moment to list some of your core values. Utilizing the words “I am ______________” and filling in the blank is a great method to hone in on your core values. List at least three.


Take a moment to determine how much time you are living within your core value structure. Give it a percentage. Does the percentage work for you? If not, the question begs, what steps can you take to live from your core. One answer is the practice of HeartMath®. HeartMath® provides you simple steps to evoke your heart’s intelligence giving you the opportunity to align with your core values and create the life you want.

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