Quieting the Mind



Do you have negative mind chatter? Do your negative thoughts that hinder you in your life? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, alpha state meditation is a great self-care modality to help you erase the negative mind chatter. Practicing alpha state meditation can assist you in creating the life you want.


Here are some key points for consideration:

  • We all have a divine life purpose-alpha state allows you to uncover this
  • Reminds/returns us to our true nature (spirit)
  • Navigate through chaos with calmness
  • Build resiliency especially with the challenges of life
  • Utilize (activate) the right hemisphere of our brain and empower us to use more of our minds
  • Allow our left brain to serve us rather than sabotage us conscious control of our left brain
  • Allows the slowing of our brain frequency which equates to quieting our minds

Scale of brain evolution allows us to appreciate and understand how alpha state is defined.

Beta=14-21 cycles per second (CPS)

  • Activation of left brain hemisphere
  • Physical or historical dimension
  • Time and space
  • Past and future
  • Action state=doing
  • Outer conscious level
  • Potentially fear bases (negative mind chatter)

Alpha=7-14 CPS

  • Present moment
  • Spiritual dimension
  • Activate right hemisphere of the brain
  • Love based
  • NO time and space
  • Creative dimension
  • Intuitive dimension
  • Being
  • Inner conscious level
  • Healing level
  • 10 CPS-frequency of the universe!!!

Theta=4-7 CPS

  • Inner conscious level
  • Sleep level
  • Healing level

Delta=0-4 CPS

  • Unconscious level

Practicing this dynamic meditation allows you to relax actively placing you in conscious control of the deep levels of your mind. Alpha state creates a heart-brain communication, which creates synchronicity in your body equipping it with the potential of self-healing. During the meditation, you will be able to harness healing energy by conceiving positive mental images and positive verbal instructions. Conscious positive belief gives your brain the “go ahead or green light” to change your mind-body-spirit for the better.

Create the life you want by eradicating your negative self-talk. Find the peace within, experience the present moment with the practice of alpha state meditation. Remember –“Life truly happens in the present moment!”

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