The Power of Our Words

power of wordsDo you ever just pause and listen to others as they are speaking? Are their words positive or negative?   Are their words healing or hurtful?   We must appreciate the power of the words we speak and the understanding that by choosing our words we have the opportunity to transform others and ourselves.

Words have a vibration to them, an energy attached to them, so setting positive and healing intentions about our language will assist you in creating positive change in your life and others.

Things to consider about your “Words”:

  • You can increase your level of joy or happiness by how you speak and the words you choose
  • Increasing awareness of your thoughts manifest into the choice of your words-pay attention on purpose to the words you speak
  • Appreciate the feeling behind each word
  • Words are analogous to prayers-notice what you are asking for!
  • Words contribute to the law of attraction-what do you want to attract into your life?
  • Pause before you respond to others

The vibrations of your words contribute to your energy level. If you speak from a positive perspective you will operate in a mode of energy efficiency and if you come from a negative perspective you operate in a mode of energy deficit. Notice how you feel when you are positive and vice versa-there is a discernable difference when you pay attention to this. It is your choice how you want to speak. Just being mindful about this can shift your attention to choosing words of positivity.

Being silent (listen) is another important focus. In silence, the quiet, the Stillpoint you can discern which words to speak and in silence you can truly appreciate another person speaking. Have you ever witnessed conversation where everyone is talking at once? None of the information is completely getting relayed. The energy is frenetic and typically not helpful. Practice being quiet (silent) when others are speaking-do not interrupt-listen for the feeling behind what they are saying-is it fear, sadness, happiness, joy, etc. The skill of silence can transform you ability to discern how to communicate and support a positive vibration in your response to another.

I ask you to utilize words that are healing!

  • Access your heart for words of wisdom
  • Create a better world with your words
  • Wisdom is birthed from humility (words of high and positive vibration) not from arrogance (words of low and negative vibration

Think about your core values-who are you and what matters most. How do your spoken words align with your core values??

Great example of the power of words and the ability to transform life!!





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