Self-Care: Is it Selfish???

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Self-care?  What does that mean to you? I often hear from family, friends and colleagues that they do not have time to self-care.  They are just too busy with life.  The truth of the matter is that the we all are very busy with life but if you do not take the time to self-care you will become depleted.  YOU can not give what you do not have!!!  When the cup is empty-it is empty.  You will not be able to sustain what matters most to you because your “cup” is empty.  So what matters most?  For me, I have a priority list:

  • Faith
  • Health
  • Family/Friends
  • Job

I’m certain you all have priorities also.  The question is how to align yourself so you can negotiate and sustain your priorities in life.  The answer is self-care!!

Self-care has several facets such as:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Psychological
  • Social

Self-care is NOT selfish!!!  It is an absolute necessity!!  Self-care practices lead to manifesting the life you want and always aligning with your priorities.

It’s important to build a self-care tool box.  Modalities that take care of the multifaceted YOU.  On the frontier of self-care is emotional self regulation.  This is proving to be a crucial skill set to have in order to navigate our busy and stressful lives.  Science is now recognizing the profound beneficial effects from emotional self regulation.  Another words, your cells respond to emotions and it behooves us all to make it a priority to look at life through the lens of positivity.

The question is — how do you do that?  One answer is HeartMath and it’s simple practical tools that align us with our core values and afford us the opportunity to choose to live in a positive emotional landscape.

I share with you a portion of my morning ritual of self-care:

Gratitude practice:  Listing 3 things I’m grateful for and why.

HeartMath®:  Typically I utilize the Quick Coherence Technique®

  1. Step 1:  Heart Focus:  Shift ;your attention to the area of the heart and breathe slowly and deeply.
  2. Step 2:  Heart-focused breathing:  Keep your focus in the heart by gently breathing — five seconds in and five seconds out — through your heart.  Do this two or three times.
  3. Step 3.:  Heart feeling:  Activate and sustain a genuine feeling of appreciation or care for someone or something in your life.  Focus on the good heart feeling as you continue to breathe through the are of your heart .

This ritual only takes 5 minutes.  The adage — how you begin your day is how your day goes — is so true.  Choose self-care!! Make a promise to your self to dedicate a small amount of time each morning for yourself.  Notice how different you feel when you self-care.  Give my morning ritual a try.  Just these two steps will serve you well and will allow you to be your best self and afford you greater possibility to align with your priorities in life.

Give yourself permission to self-care!!  It will transform you life!!





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