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Thanksgiving is a time where we reflect and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.   Gratitude is a powerful human emotion that has the power to change how we see our lives and the world around us. It affords us the ability to view life through of lens of positivity. Gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation are interchangeable and we all can understand the importance of these powerful emotions. Through scientific validation, we know that when we choose these positive emotions all systems in our body, including our brain, work in greater harmony or synchronicity.

The value of choosing gratitude accomplishes two things immediately:

  • In gratitude-you exist in a prosperity consciousness, you always “have enough”.
  • Remember “like attracts like”- with the law of attraction your thoughts and feelings are energy, so whatever you think and feel, will be attracted to you.

As we sit around the Thanksgiving table, it’s a natural inclination to feel and express gratitude. How do we sustain this every day of the year? The answer is to choose and practice gratitude every single day. You may feel your life is busy and too complicated and you do not have time to dedicate to this. This practice can be simple and quick and has the potential to transform your life. Gratitude is a feeling so it is very important to practice “feeling” the gratitude so it becomes a force in your life to facilitate positive change.

Here are some other ways you can add more gratitude to every day:

  • Say and feel the words, “Thank you” as often as possible
  • Begin your day with gratitude
  • Tell someone you know how much you appreciate them and how grateful you are for them
  • Note three things to appreciate about a difficult situation you are experiencing-being grateful for the challenging times in our lives affords you the wisdom to find a solution and let go of unwanted negative energy
  • Be grateful for nature and the beauty it bestows upon us
  • Give thanks for the food you have prior to eating and appreciate all responsible for the world’s food production
  • Give thanks for mind, body and soul

It’s noteworthy to mention, that it is impossible to feel gratitude and worry or anxiety at the same time. The more you practice gratitude the more your life will shift. It’s true magic.


Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving and a year full of gratitude!!–Susan

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