3D Character with head in hands, sitting on the word Stress

What is stress??

Stress is the emotional reaction to a person, event, experience or situation. The amount of stress we feel is directly related to these reactions in these situations. Stress in NOT the person or experience or situation. Stress takes you away from your core values-the essence of who you are. Within your core values is an intelligence that gives meaning to your life creating a sense of well-being and affording you the opportunity to bring texture to your life. Life works better if you can transform stress. Stress stops YOU from creating the life you want and stops you from manifesting what matters most!

Facts about stress

Affects nervous and hormonal systems in our bodies
Affects our ability to think clearly
Affects our ability to perform best
Affects our ability to respond appropriately
Depletes our immune system
Creates feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, moodiness, to name a few.
Energy depletion-feeling exhausted
Dis-ease appears
You miss your appointment with life
Spend most of your time in the past or worrying about the future

What do you do to manage stress?

Here are a few common methods to manage stress:

Listening to music

Now think of some others you may utilize!

Do any of these transform stress in the moment? In the most stressful moments can you excuse yourself and go meditate?? It’s unlikely you can, but there is a solution and that is the HeartMath® methodology. In the moment you can at least neutralize the stress and often, by practicing simple and practical steps, you will be able to transform the stress so YOU are not affected.

YOU matter!!!

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