“Unlock your natural gifts and talents”

Licensed HeartMath® Coach/Intuitive

- Susan J. Caron

I am a Registered Nurse, Licensed HeartMath® Coach, and Intuitive. My mission, grounded in compassion service, integrating and sharing my expertise in self-discovery modalities, which create positive change in the lives of my clients. My work is designed to create and enhance wholeness and well being in a professional, private, and safe environment. My work opens the pathway to possibility for my clients, unlocking their natural gifts and talents, affording them the opportunity to be their best self.
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Stress Management Heartmath

Stress Management

Voyage to Heart Intelligence Feel better more often and start living the life you really want! This focused…

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HeartMath Business Leadership Focus


Within each of us there exists a powerful tool that, when intentionally activated, can aid our ability to sort through…

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HeartMath Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Personal Journey to Health Live Your Life More Fully Balance is one of the keys to happiness and fulfillment….

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heartmath zone performance (sports focus)

Zone Performance

Increase endurance − Stay calm and focused − Make the right decisions Elevate your…

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